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Quarter life crisis

Mike told me that he thought me dyeing my hair was part of my quarter life crisis. I asked him if I could quote him here. He said that he was quoting me, so I think I may be losing my mind. I don't remember saying that. Anyways, here is the next installment...fishbowl freak!

It's a mix of two leftovers given to me be a very cool pre-med Biology major. Having short hair is so cool, it takes way less dye than long hair does.

I was majorly hesitant about posting a picture, as my face is exploding recently. On Monday, I went to my friend's middle school science class where I recorded three lessons taught using three different teaching styles for an Education project. Do you remember middle school? The half size blue lockers gave me a bit of nostalgia, until I remembered hitting my head on one in sixth grade. Well, let's just say that I had more acne than all the classes added up together. I have pimples bigger than some of those kids. Needless to say, I am greatful that acne never looks as bad as you think it does.

In other great news, I am almost definitely a shoo-in for grad school. All I have to worry about is my GRE and my senior thesis. Next step: Jedi Master Penny! With blue hair!

Don't giggle when I say "crotch"

Sorry sir, we're out of elbow grease, can I interest you in some knee grease instead?