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Since playing Sims 2, I have starting thinking about my life in terms of aspirations, etc. I have a knowledge aspiration. And now that I've been thinking about pursuing a Masters, I'm reminded of the address labels I thought up one day. Mr. & Dr. Bencomo. Cool, no? I got all excited and slightly giddy/nauseous at the same time. Add that to the ideas of investing our rent by buying a house in Socorro, and growing up is finally happening. It's overwhelming and exciting at the same time. If I had a PhD, I could be a NASA or JPL researcher (with proper connections being my advisor and all) or a ridiculously over-qualified stay at home mom. (I'm trying not to laugh out loud, being in the TCC and all. These aspiration things are fun.) I would LOVE to go to a high school reunion with that under my belt. Or decline attendance have an update in the newletter or something with what I'm doing.

Speaking of my advisor, she has an article in the lastest WIRED magazine. She's had other articles featured, but this is the first for me. It's not on the website, otherwise I'd link it.

I took lots of pictures of things I'm working on, but the camera ran out of batteries, and then I realized we reformatted both Windows machines this weekend and the camera drivers were in the closet behind the desk. I'll look one up online and get those up tonight, I promise.

November Recap