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November Recap

So, December is tomorrow. Don't plan on any posts for a while. Probably not until the middle of next week. Too many test and papers to fit in blogging and knitting in my busy schedule.

I preregistered for the last time in my undergraduate life today, and Mike handed in his very last homework assignment. One more test and he's done.

I would like to thank all the people who kept me in pie this week: Gerri, Rich and Lorraine. Good pie, everyone! I wanted pumpkin pie so badly last year, beginning of November that I bought plain canned pumpkin to make a real pie. None of this pie mix crap. I even made the crust. (I am snobby when it comes to pie. What can I say, I'm a connoisseur.) What I didn't realize until I had a piece with Mike later that night was that I forgot the sugar. No amount of whipped cream could save it. I tried. And then I almost cried. I did that with pumpkin nut bread once when I was a kid, too. I made pumpkin snot bread by forgetting the flour. Those runny pumpkin things get me every time.

Lots of goodies on the knitting front. I've been not blogging so that I could knit for an hour a night.
I crocheted a hat last weekend.
I also made magnets. Yes, those black ones are space invaders.
I've been making fingerless mitts, because my hands are always cold.
I finished Mike's gloves, and then he decimated them in about two days. I have some fixing up to do. Next time, I'll use a glove pattern.
This is what the back of my couch looks like. I say my couch because it's perpetually covered in yarn and needles and knitting books, and Mike has stopped trying to sit on it. It's not worth the effort to clean it off. Mike's gloves are on the top, my finished Booga bag, Mike's sweater pieces (MUST....KNIT...SLEEVES...before Dec. 22) and more fingerless mitts, this time in pink.
I finished the body of Aleja's Booger Bag. It makes a good hat for now.

And for those of you wondering what color my hair is this week....blue!!
Don't worry, this is the last color my hair is going to be, as my roots are about 3/4 of an inch long (and those don't take color) and I'm out of free hair colors. Brown will be debuting again shortly. Betcha forgot what that looks like. Yeah, me too.

Now all we need is...