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Life decisions

You know, there are just some decisions in your life that seem more important, that scare you more than others. Moving to New Mexico was scary. Marrying Mike was one of the easiest decisions I've ever made. But what to do when you graduate college...hmph, now there's a tough one. First of all, it was made easier by the fact that Mike now has a job. A good job, that he goes in to early because he has so much fun. Okay, so on to me. (Jino's life decisions are whether or not she should wake up Mike at 6 am for food.) What am I ging to do in Socorro? Mike might want to stay longer than a year or two. And sure, I wouldn't mind having a sugar daddy, but I would get bored terribly fast. Other options? A job. Where? Well, I could wait and see what pops up (snarf, in Socorro, yeah right) or get a job at WalMart. Let's just say woo hoo to that. I've had my retail sales job, thankyouverymuch.

So, options left...finish education classes and be a teacher. Not too promising, as there aren't many teaching jobs around Socorro that aren't being fought over. Next, okay, graduate school. Graduate school? Haven't I already been in school for nearly 6 years? Daily I worry about fitting more stuff into my head...sometimes I feel like I have post-brain-drip. I shove stuff in temporarily so that I can take a test, and that afternoon it explodes out of my ear like packing peanuts shoved into a too tight space. So yesterday, I was seriously thinking. Learning has gotten much easier since I've gotten some health problems straightened out. It doesn't feel as futile. I love learning, and graduate school would be an awesome opportunity. So, I asked around, and if I can get accepted by the graduate school here, I have an advisor, a program and fundage.

So. I am off to bust my butt. I have knitted exactly 1 inch in the last 3 days, and I suspect my knitting productivity is going to drop a lot more. (As will my progress on Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.) However, my self confidence is going to sky rocket, my grades are going to go up, I'm going to grow fantastic amounts of moon milk in culture, and I am going to study really hard for the GRE and talk to my advisor (also the graduate dean of students.) I've always reached every goal I've set for myself, and this is my new goal. I can do this.

When school and hobbies collide

I am so awesome!!