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The meaning of cheese

I've been waiting for approximately 8 hours (looking forward to 4 more this afternoon!) for everything to work out so we can do soil sampling. They're currently doing background checks. Oi. By the time it hit 10:30 am, I decided that I was going to go shopping and update the blog. Oh, and have a snack, because I'm hungry. It is of my opinion that god made cheese so that man could put it in a can. This is a rare treat, I've only bought cheese in a can twice in as many years. I'm soothing a VERY unhappy Penny because work has now officially made me miss my Tuesday Fiber Arts group. Let not work get in the way of knitting. This will not happen again, or I will quit. I'm sick of putting up with all this crap, and I just keep getting more and more miserable. No more.

Yes, those are Star Wars action figures strewn about the desk. That's where they live. It looks like Vader finally vanquished Fluffy.

I bought all the trappings of a fabulous one year anniversary feast. The menu? Salad, beef stroganoff, rum and cokes (made with microbrewed soda that costs $1 a bottle) and homemade tiramisu. Pictures tomorrow, if I don't get so drunk I forget to take them. Anyone that sees Mike tomorrow would be doing him a great favor by reminding him to buy flowers before he comes home from work.

I decided that my yarn needs to breathe (and that I hate digging through my yarn in a bucket, it always gets all messy) so I bought a sweater organizer from WalMart. (Found next to moth balls, coat hangers and laundry baskets, if you're curious.)

Layer 1: my new awesome plastic crochet hooks! Plus fun bits and odds and ends of yarn that I like. Easy cheese stash. (Just kidding!)
2: Yarn for Mike's sweater. Yes, I plan on finishing it as soon as I finish the bartered swirly scarf. I am bribing myself by saying that if I finish, I get to make a Clapotis. *drool* Please, scroll down and look at the other pictures.
3: feltable yarns (cascade 220, lamb's pride worsted), some cotton chenille and lion chenille for a scarf.
4: wool top and spindle.
5: Lots of alpaca. Not flavored.
6: Woolease, some Debbie Bliss Merino DK.

I finished the black cherry alpaca keyhole scarf. My house smelled, well, interesting.

Did you know that Easy Cheese is an excellent source of calcium? I'd better eat it a lot, so I don't get osteoporosis. (Bad Penny!!)

The first year

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