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Command decision

Today is grey and dreary. I needed a bit of orange, so here's something to brighten your December. It makes me think I need some orange yarn, though.

Why am I home this afternoon? I made a command decision. I did not take my Genetics final. When I started studying I realized no amount of studying could I do would save me. We get one drop grade in the class, and so this is it for me. No more. I have senioritis really badly. It might even be contagious. I caught it from Mike. Senioritis vulgaris. (I was thinking about this one day and applied it to worms, Caenorhabditis elegans. Yes, genetics gave me worms. At least I don't have fruit flies.)

This is what happens when you leave your desktop computer alone for finals week. Speaking of genetics...did momma mouse cheat on poppa mouse? Where did that retractable cord come from? No one else in the house has one of those!!

This is my most recent projects. It's a commission. I'm bartering for hair cuts. Since I'm not saving this scarf, I have three incarnations of it on the needles. Here's a closeup of the black one.
One paper to hand in, and I'm home free!! Yay! I get to go back to work! :p

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