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Oh yeah

So, in the midst of the gauntlet (that is so funny right now, I'll tell you in a minute, but here I'm referring to finals week)there is hope and a bit of fun. I went to Fiber Arts Guild today (as of January I am the new co-secretary) and had a blast. Those ladies are always so much fun. I've been invited to the Tuesday lunch meetup, where I will knit and gab while Mike is in Playas, NM, the butthole of New Mexico. New Mexico Tech's new butthole.

Anyways....there's talk of next year forming a pilgrimage of sorts, to the Taos Sheep and Wool Festival. One lady has a house up there, and neighbors with condos for summering (not in use during October!) where we could stay for free. Yeee!! I am so crapping excited, I've got to start planning a sweater to make and wear down there. Cuz you have to wear your own creations at a S&W Fest.
I finished an elbow length cabled gauntlet today.

It was mostly done over Thanksgiving weekend, I just needed to rib the top and knit the thumb. They're in Cascade 220, pattern here. Yes, they're heavily modified. That was just a weenie cable. I like my beefy XO cable. I pulled it out of the super Vogue knitting book. I didn't like the way they did the decreases along the sides of the cable, either. For ripping this puppy out four times, I really like the end product. Here's the cable up close. I brightened the pictures a bit so that you could see the cable better. The yarn's a pretty bluish purple.

Do you know where that's been?

Now all we need is...