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Do you know where that's been?

Better living through Microbiology...I was making a cake yesterday, and I was thinking about liking the beaters, because cake mix is so yummy. Then I remembered where eggs come from. It's not so much the chicken cloaeca that bothers me (it's not like they get to chose where the eggs come out) but the Bursa of Fabricius. (I just looked that up, and it's not as bad as I thought it was. it's actually a good thing.) But anyways, SALMONELLA! Projectile vomiting! Dairy products and poultry!
Yeah, I kind of lost my argument. Crazy research, taking away my funny joke about licking a Bursa of Fabricius. it's a good thing I don't like eggs to begin with. Can you tell I'm brain fried? I have a Genetics test in about 21 minutes and I'm all apathetic. This is one of the things on my test. In much more detail than the website suggests. Oi. I feel like I licked a....never mind.

An apology for the internet

Oh yeah