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Hermione's scarf wasn't this cool

Look Sandy!! It's the beginning of your Gryffindor scarf!!


And no, I don't think I have the patience to make you a Ravenclaw scarf. With grand dimensions of 9.5 inches wide (that's 19 inches in circumference) 5.25 inches between each pattern repeat. estimated total usage of yarn for this scarf, 1000 yards of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride. Guaranteed to keep you warm in Michigan. In Prisoner of Azkabhan, the scarf goes all the way down to Hermione's knees. Now, I'm pretty sure this wasn't intentional, just that Hermione is very short. And, looking from the amount of yarn I used on two pattern repeats, I am really not sure I am going to get to fourteen and still have enough yarn for the fringe. I'm using the pattern from atypically.knit. This thing is going to get too bulky to carry around soon, so I've been working on it as fast as possible to get it done before I get the yarn for Mike's sweater. I've been knitting on it since Saturday night. I took a break to help Mike set up the new computer desk, so I should be able to get in a pattern repeat a day (I hope.)
Very exciting news!! My first knitting class student has registered!! Yay!! I have a student!! I need to print out advertisement flyers and check out Moonspinners for a Stitch and Bitch, plus get back to Mill Canyon Wool Factory to get bamboo and soy top...all before next Tuesday. When school starts. Maybe I'll play hooky for half a day and skip work.

Mountain Dew, I love you

Do you knit or do you crochet?