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Mountain Dew, I love you

On Saturday, when we went to fill up the car with gas, I saw something very disturbing. I saw Mountain Dew Pitch Black. It's MD with a "blast" of black grape. I thought, Wow, Mountain Dew is great with its citrusy theme, but how is it going to be with grape? As a general rule, I don't like grape soda because it's too sugary. I used to not like orange soda for the same reason. When Mountian Dew Live Wire came out last year, I was a monogamous soda drinker until it went off the shelves. ( I usually switch around the kinds of soda I drink, on a daily/weekly basis. Sometimes I don't drink it for weeks at a time.) So last night after I finished my Reverse Bloom Washcloth (pictured under the Mountain Dew) I tried it. I was very pleasantly surprised!! Mountain Dew is magical! I've never met a flavor I didn't like. Now, when Pepsi Holiday Spice comes out... that may be a different story.

I think my eyebrows are mad at me. I got a little nervous at work while I was working on my 12,000+ line Excel worksheets, and my left eyebrow is now kind of, um, well, half of it is missing. It's the skinny half, thank goodness, but why do I have this intense need to pluck my eyebrows? I woke up at some point last night, and I was plucking at one obnoxious hair in my sleep! I fear that one day, I may wake up with no eyebrows. I think I'd have to draw them on in the local style. Now, since I want to be outrageous in addition to riddiculus, I would have lightning bolts or daisy chains or very wiggly lines for eyebrows. Hey, I could start a new fad!!

The one where she tries to put her eye out with a dull mouse

Hermione's scarf wasn't this cool