These pages are full of what makes Penny Penny. Lots of crafts, rants, and fan girling.

The one where she tries to put her eye out with a dull mouse

Since I didn't specify what kind of mouse I would like to put my eye out with, doesn't that lend to some interesting imagery?

Please excuse my poor sentence structure, I haven't had an English class in 4 years, so my grammar is really going to the dogs--all chewed up and slightly sticky from all the slobber.

School started interestingly today, with me waking up at precisely 9:30. The time my first class began. Being the ever-loving suck up to teachers that I am, this is not getting off to a good start. I think I turned off the alarm clock at 7:45.

For the last week I have been fixing (!) data inputed by another student employee. No one like to input thousands of lines of data, especially not the grad student whose thesis this is a part of, or the professor who is supposed to be helping the grad student. I have two different sets of the same data, with numerous duplications (8 lines of exactly the same data!) of latitudes and longitudes with associated data. These duplicates were done by accident. Now, the data set the professor has is not the same as the grad student's, and there are some lines missing from each and even more duplications between the two. I am compiling the Master Copy, for use in said thesis. This is where the mouse goes through my eye. My right hand is constantly busy deleting, so I can't be knitting. Plus, it's brainless work, so my mind wanders. Not a good thing. Today the monotony was broken by a phone call from a rancher in Nevada, looking to talk to my boss about arsenic reduction in drinking water for his cattle. He talked really nicely, slow, and enunciated and accented. I wish I got a neat phone call from someone with a new accent everyday.


What is happening to my bananas? I think this is wrong. Soon, water will have labels on it that say "No carbs! Guaranteed!" or "The perfect diet beverage!" They should have grocery stores for dieters, and grocery stores for normal people and people that get mad when they see "Low Carb" labels on everything. Pass the non-Atkins approved peanut butter cups, please.

It just goes to show ya, it's always something

Mountain Dew, I love you