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What a morning

I got two packages in the mail today.


Can you pick out the stuff I ordered for you, mom? And yes, your one surprise is in one of the boxes (I got myself one also.) Can you figure out, just from the shape of the box, what it is? Plus the other obvious clues...what comes from a yarn store in a box? Not yarn, not needles....yup, I'm going to leave you hanging. You're just going to have to guess.

nid%3D46%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3Dnode We went to Bubonicon 36 this weekend!! It was kind of slow because my stomach protests eating of any kind, and the rest of my body gets grouchy when I don't eat. I was very very happy to see Mos Alba there, the Albuquerque Star Wars people!! Yay!! They had some action figures for sale, and I couldn't resist Admiral Ackbar. He likes running around on the computer desk yelling "It's a trap!" He's from 1982, in case ya'll were wondering. I think I would carry him around in my pocket if I didn't have so many keys and my cell phone.

The highlight of Bubonicon for me was the costume contest. They announced this one lady, and she walked up to the stage dressed entirely in black, gloves and everything, carrying a black garbage bag. Everyone was really confused so there wasn't any clapping. Everyone was silent. She got up to the stage, opened up her bag, and pulled out this large, orange paper mache ball and out it on her head. She turned around, put her arms in the goal post configuration, and showed us the front of the paper mache ball. It had a black cat's eye slit. She was Barad Dur!! You know, the tower of Sauron with the Eye in the middle!! She was my very favorite!! The next best were two guys, one dressed as Jareth the Goblin King from Labyrinth, and a Red Shirt Extra from Star Trek. I know, I know, not pictures...I left the camera at home on accident. I really kicked myself in the butt, because I missed having my picture taken with storm troopers.


It just goes to show ya, it's always something