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This is the coolest knitting bag I have ever seen.... Oh, I know, I have three already...but I'm going to need one when I graduate that looks all professional and nice, for taking to work. I am so green with envy!

Tons of things going on on the knitting front....halfway done with Harry Potter, I just started and am half done with a cabled hat (made with HUGE yarn and size 13 needles), and I'll post a picture of that tonight or tomorrow. I have been dying to start Mike's sweater, but I should at least finish the cabled hat, right? All my current and queued projects are kind of sizeable (HP, Mike's sweater, Very Harlot Poncho...) and are not good for toting around all day. Unless you have a really nice knitting bag, then I could see not carrying around the backpack (college? who cares, I'm here to knit! just kidding!) I guess I'll just have to BUY MORE YARN (can you hear Mike groaning?) so that I can do small projects. Love you Mike!!

Knitting on Naboo

What a morning