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Sorry no update last week...it was kind of crappy and I didn't have a lot of time to upload pictures to the computer. I like posts with pictures. I got in the hurricane yarn on Thursday....


Here is the beginnings of the poncho. When I first got the yarn, I was a little upset because there wasn't a lot of color variability...and it looked blue in the car. I'm pretty happy with it now. It's making really soft, drapey fabric. It's gonna be nice. And for those of you that think the poncho might have stalled work on other things...


Here is Mike's sweater so far...it's going insanely fast. A little more than an inch an hour, a little less if I have to take notes in class. The picture on the right shows it stretched a bit so you can see the purl ridges. And that's my new baby, holding the edge down. Yes, that book will stall progress. Along with its three brothers and sisters. Mike found Zonoma Sekot, but I'm not there yet. Just wait until SIMS 2 comes out. Then nothing will get done. Especially with all the reading I have to do. I wonder if taking your knitting to the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra is kosher? (Very cool, Mike's taking me to the Lord of the Rings Symphony!! Yay!) It's strange, I'm collecting things to do like I'm bored. I'm not, really....it is nice to keep busy, though.



nid%3D56%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3Dnone And in case you thought I'd forgotten Harry Potter...he's actually a good 2 inches past when this picture was taken. I'm at 7 pattern repeats, and I have one red skein left plus a bit. The pattern calls for 14, but only said to buy 800 yards of red. Does this mathe make sense to you? Me neither.

A picture's worth a thousand words

Of hurricanes and harlots