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A picture's worth a thousand words

It's funny, I like to put lots of pictures in my entries, yet one of my favorite blogs to read has no pictures and around 2,000 words per entry. Sometimes I wish I used public transportation so that I could relate to you the absolutely riveting tales of the crazies, my green tea obsession and gummy worm addiction. It's kind of funny, I think that my dynamic self is boring.

This picture is my FAVORITE. It's great. It's better than an orange creme-ed oreo with a glass of Live Wire. Who wants to stay up tonight?? Woo hoo!

Yeah, not me. Have fun, leave me a note to read in the morning.


Any DVD with out-takes is cool with me. Especially Muppet out-takes. I love seeing Kermit the Frog flub his lines. There's an "Easter Egg" on Star Wars Episode I, and it has a blooper of Yoda messing up his lines. I love Frank Oz. He's the best.

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