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Wet towels and wet sheep

So. I bound off Harry tonight. 10 repeats, and six inches of yarn left. I'm really sure that the pattern said 800 yards, but, silly me, I thought that 3 skeins=800 yards. Nope. Not if you're using the yarn I'm using. It only makes 600 yards. Yea, verily, one more skein would have given me fourteen pattern repeats. I just counted wrong. I can do triple integrals and linear algebra, but counting? I am so embarassed.

I put Harry in a nice warm bath, and found that it weighs at least 20 pounds when soaking wet. So I squeezed out as much water as I could, I wrapped it in two towels and sat on the roll to squeeze out more water. Three towels later, I now have a room that smells like a wet sheep and several wet towels. And then I pinned Harry to the bed. *insert evil laugh here* Maybe I shoulda named the scarf Oliver Wood. *more evil laughter* Now we see if Jino decides to take a nap on it. That thing's gonna be super warm...just tying in the loose ends, I actually got hot.

I'm pretty impressed, I made two large projects and 3/4 of the front of Mike's sweater in a little less than a month. I usually don't stick to big projects.* I'm so proud of myself. So, as of right now, I have 2 projects on the needles. (That doesn't count my mega stalled alien scarf or a glove that have been hanging out. Only 2 fingers to finish.) So guess what that means! Cha-ching! It's yarn buying time!

Stay tuned, tomorrow night I fringe the living daylights ot of Harry and post a picture. For now, I need to study Spanish and write up a Microbiology lab.













*disclaimer: I've only tried one other big project. And I hated the yarn. Let's see how long it takes to finish Mike's sweater. That will be the test. If I can finish Mike's sweater, I an officially allowed to try knitting Rogue.

I think the biggest problem I'm going to have with this is picking the right color for me. Right for me, and right for Rogue. Oh, that, and the price of the yarn I want to use. (Please, please let there be a sale on Debbie Bliss Cashmerino!!)

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