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Bad Girl (linky linky!)

Yes, I'm at work and should be working on spreadsheets. But I desperately needed to pass on a bit of VERY IMPORTANT information that may help impulse knitters like me. Or people that get a bit nutty because they have low blood sugar.

Anyways, if you're a Harry Potter fan, DON'T go to this website while your resistance to all things cool is low. This one isn't much better. In fact, it's way worse because there are links to the pattern and the yarn! Being of poor judgement and hungry, I ordered the pattern from the UK. Yes, shipping cost more than the pattern itself, and THEN I found out the pattern was for children/small women. Being neither of those, I emailed then 5 minutes later asking to cancel it. (Crazy American girl!) And THEN I found kits to make the sweaters here and almost ordered one of those, but then my sandwich arrived and now I'm (all?) better. I think my subconcious is a yarn freak...since I finished the poncho, I should start something else, right? No way, sister! *pokes subconcious knitting self in the eye with a crochet hook* I mean, I'm having loads of fun making Mike's sweater (almost finished with the front!) SO WHY ARE MY FINGERS ITCHY? On a similar note, WHY DO I WANT TO GET A SUPER SHORT HAIR CUT AND DYE IT BUBBLE GUM PINK?? Maybe this is the answer. Too bad it's not spiky. I think the moon milk is getting to me. (More on that later.)

Wet towels and wet sheep