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If it makes you happy

Sometimes, you can tell how crappy I feel by how much stuff I buy for other people. Don't worry though, I feel pretty good, all the stuff today is just a coincidence.

I fringed Harry today. As soon as he dries out completely, he's gone.


Inside joke, pay it no mind

Does anyone know where I can find a good home for two kittens named after Chinese food? They're not named yet, but I was thinking the orange one could be Shoyu and the grey one would be Daikon. (Remember? Show you no daikon? I think everyone in the produce aisle thought we were nuts, laughing at the daikon and making karate noises.) Good times. By the way, these kitties poop chocolate.


Okay, I should really do my genetics homework and my micro lab writeup. I am officially on a tummy happy (but taste buds mad) diet....no coffee or spicy food, let the tummy heal! It's a good thing cheesecake isn't spicy. Heh heh heh. It's funny, I think my micro teacher talks to my doctor. We learned about antibiotic resistivity in class this morning, and 2 hours later I was given a week's worth of Cipro. Because it kinda worked before. Yeah, but now they've built up a resistance...I gotta go buy some plain yogurt tomorrow. What do you think, the yogurt and cheesecake diet? Spaced out with diet cherry coke and gummy worms?

Whatever happens, happens

I find your lack of faith disturbing