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Whatever happens, happens

So. You've heard about the hail. Wanna see what it did?

Our car. The navy blue golf ball.
My Nalgene bottle, left in the back seat, had glass shards imbedded into it.
The parking lot at EMRTC, where it was parked.
How big some of the hail was. Some of it was bigger.
The back windshield broke, but the front held up. From the force, there was hail on the dash board and glass on the front seats.
Some of the sidewalks around campus disappeared.
Lots of tile roofs suffered. Along with skylights.
I'm proud of my tape engineering. Notice the neighbor's car, all tarped up.
All in all, it was a new and exciting experience. The air sure smelled good afterwards, all nice and pine fresh.


If it makes you happy