These pages are full of what makes Penny Penny. Lots of crafts, rants, and fan girling.

Enamel Camel

Yeah, I'm addicted to another hobby. 

These are my first six assignments. Clockwise from top left: Sgraffito, string, lumps ans threads, wet inlay, marble, and stencil. The stencil is an enamel portrait of the princess. I've found that anything requiring a stencil usually ends up being a bear, as they're pretty symmetrical and more complicated than a heart. 

I'm making up new names for myself...I personally like Fiber Ferengi. I would have named my website that, but I came up with it a bit late. I still need to come up with my "Rules of Fiber Acquisition."

I've decided that Star Trek is my soap opera. There are love triangles, uncomfortable situations, long lost children, people in comas,shape shifters, Ferengi...but no yarn, beads, or enamel. That's on my side of the tv.

Shake it like a polaroid picture

Knee deep in the Hoopla