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Knee deep in the Hoopla

A picture is worth a thousand woo hoo! 's.

This picture is for all you Techies who, like me, had to drive 45 miles one way to get to Wal Mart. This is, quite possibly, the biggest thing to happen to Socorro since Cabeza de Vaca (in 1598) said "Hey, there's nothing here! Let's build a town!"

What was the first thing I bought? 

Beer and gum. Not just any gum, mind you, it's sour Altoids gum in a tin. Cherry and apple. So I don't fall asleep in class tomorrow after drinking all this beer. Actually, it's all about the tin. I am a sucker for tins. 

I finished this this morning after Spanish. This is the fifth attempt at crocheting an acceptable sunflower. Let's just say I'm sticking with this pattern. This is about 5" in diameter. I'm going to make matching coasters with colored scraps, too. Doesn't the center really look like a sunflower, too? 

If you can name the title and artist of the song "knee deep in the hoopla" is featured in, I'll make you a sunflower dishcloth and mail it to you. Leave your answer and email address in the comments to enter! Contest ends with the first person to answer correctly.

Enamel Camel

Chock full o' nuts and...steroids?