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Do you have a certain article od clothing that makes your outlook of the day more positive from the begininning? Mine is socks. Socks are the secret I keep in my shoes, and the reason I must have long pants. It's like saying to the world, "I defy you to give me a ba day, because I am wearing cool socks!" And then you lift up your pant leg and the bad day is blinded by the awesomeness of your socks and it runs away with its bad day tail between its legs.

I defy bad days in general today!

Honestly, there's nothing that makes me happier than a pair of argyle socks. Purple arglye socks would be the best, ooh, or maybe green...but I haven't found any like that yet.

That picture defines me as a person today. Except it's missing tissues, which I took out so I wouldn't offend anyone's delicate sensibilities. (If you think my nose is gross, you should see my lungs. Or even hear them. There were several times during this cold I thought a train was going by, but no, that was me wheezing. I had to sleep on the couch, sitting up so that I wouldn't drown in my lovely amino acids. Colds suck way more when you have asthma.) Anyways, back to the picture...I nearly always wear jeans. (We did laundry yesterday, and I wondered why so many of my clothes were missing....it's because I wore nothing but pajamas for 5 days!) I'm crocheting a drawstring pouch, and it's curently keeping my water bottle toasty. (Drinks lots of fluids!) My comfort quilt is on the other couch (I'd rather be asleep under it) in the far right of the picture. Anyone in my family will recognize it and be abe to tell me exactly where all of those fabrics came from. (Whose shirt/dress/curtains, and when. It's falling apart, but it's still my favorite blanket ever.I think it's 17 years old now.) The big dictionary behind my feet is where I'm looking up words for my GRE exam. And the Taco Bell hot sauce on the right is what I was reading while I ate dinner last night. I don't like Taco Bell so much, I tolerate it because mike loves their food. I've been very unhappy since they cut their Santa Fe style gorditas. Yes, my grudges go way back.

Okay, back to normal life...I must do research for my senior thesis now, and I must go to work this afternoon and study for my GRE tonight. And crochet lots of cotton dishcloths. I printed tons of patterns last night...and I realized I didn't have enough cotton yarn. *sob* I'll fix that soon enough.
Speaking of normal life...this is abnormal. But cute. Aibo a la KC Marie.

Last night, we calculated that we have watched 60+ hours of Star Trek in one week. A personal record.

Waiting for yarn

A whole year