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Waiting for yarn

My cold has got me down. Still. I've been 95% over it for almost a week now, but it still knocks me flat on my butt if I feel like doing anything. It's getting really old. I only have two weeks worth of winter break left and I got stuff that needs doing!

I'm waiting for some cotton yarn I bought for fun dishcloths. I decided that practicing my crochet stitches would be more fun if I made a ton of dishcloths, which I wouldn't mind having more of anyways. Of course, the bright colors on the top caught my eye. Yes, I bought one of each. I am such a sucker for bright colors. I also bought a dishcloth pattern book. Say whatcha want, I like these.

I was wanting to practice more crochet stuff and use up the very small balls of stuff in my stash...and the leftover Kureyon I had won. I made KC Marie a hat and scarf set. Click here to get a sideview of the stripey goodness. You know, she might have fur and might be a bear, but she still gets really cold. Her fur is worn off in lots of places, and she's kind of old. And a girl. You know how girls are always cold.

I am almost done with Mike's first sleeve...one more to go, and then I can block it and sew it up. I'm so excited. I can't wait to get it finished so I can start Clapotis. And my millions of crocheted dishcloths. I found a cute pattern for my sister, it's a sunflower dishcloth. The sunflower is in the middle and it's pretty cute. I printed it out and immediately lost the link, otherwise I'd post it.

I finally went to the Socorro Public Library Tuesday. Really. I have lived in Socorro for nearly years and I've never been to the public library. I have lived a block away from it for 4 years. Why? Because the Tech library is on campus and where I'm at a lot. We're talking 4 hours a day during heavy test taking periods. And yes, their fiction selection is nonexistent at best, but their research bits are decent. And besides, who has time for fiction? But...I read on someone's blog that their library had, gasp, knitting books. I had heard about heir decent selection of audio books before, but that never got me in the door. So, out of curiousity, I popped in. What did I find? Nicky Epstein's Knitting on the Edge. Talk about a drool fest! Plus, tons and tons of books about ethnic knitting (my heart is leaping for joy!) and quilting books!! Oh my yay!! I was only allowed to check out two items, (being the library's newest virgin and all) so I left with Knitting on the Edge and Tatooine Ghost on cd. I have finally found the perfect compromise for reading Star Wars books and knitting. *sigh* I am now complete. If only I had a bathtub too, I would be in heaven.

We are trying to streamline our budget and spend less money on entertainment. We are entertainment pigs. No, having high speed internet, video games we haven't finished and yarn coming out our ears isn't enough. We didn't want cable (that's expensive, and nothing good is ever on anyways) buying movies is out of the question (all we buy anymore are boxed sets) and our house is running out of room fast. I've been wanting to rent more movies...and a couple of our friends have Neflix. What is Netflix, you ask? Netflix is an online movie rental service. For $18 a month, we get 3 movies at a time in the mail. As soon as we send in/return one movie, they send us the next one. New releases, old releases, boxed sets, it doesn't matter. We have an online queue, a giant list of all the movies we want to see, and the mailing service just works its way down our list. You can have 500 movies in the queue. Right now we only have 13. You don't pay postage, and they provide you with a mailing envelope. Yes, my friends, this is the peak of indulgence. We don't even have to go to the movie store anymore, and we get as many movies as we can watch, three movies at a time. Don't look for me, I'll be in the delta quadrant.

Boogie Woogie Blues