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Side lined

So, I have an old injury of my right shoulder (thoracic outlet syndrome, for the medically inclined) and tendonitis in my right thumb. Occasionally it bothers me, but not as much as it does when I have to do a lot of writing. And to study for a test I copy the high points of my notes until they're memorized. I had a test last Wednesday, and then I knitted lace like no tomorrow on Friday and Saturday...I iced my hand and took ibuprofen, and it got better. Until yesterday, when Mike practically forbid me from knitting. I then told him that if I couldn't knit, he couldn't breathe. Since that was a little unfair, I modified it to not smoking if I couldn't knit. So I knit very little yesterday...and then decided that I needed to make a Hallowig today. And then had twinges in my hand while taking notes in class, and decided not to knit today. But I found yarn in my stash for the wig.


And mom doesn't find out if she got the job she interviewed for for another 15 minutes! Oh, the humanity! The cruelty! Will it never end? (You should see my cuticles. This not knitting thing is hard on the Penny. I may need a bottle of hooch to get through this afternoon.)

Knit for me!

Solar flare

Rules of fiber aquisition