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Solar flare

Good news, ever'body!! It was just a flareup! Miss Thumb is back and ready for some action!!And, the test I messed my thumb up with, I got an 84% (not curved!) on. And here I thought I'd forget how to study.

Lots of people took some awesome pictures of what they did for Halloween. What did I do? I joined Curves with a damned skinny princess (more later), almost hit Trick or Treaters trying to pick Mike up from work, went grocery shopping, ate cereal for dinner and made two skirts. The first one, I got the fabric for $1 a yard, clearance. Yeah baby! I used one of my Joann's coupons for the other fabric....don't remember how much I paid for that one. Very comfy, fitted waist bands with zippers. Cut out in SIZE *!@$^&!!!!! TWENTY-EIGHT! 28W!! * %!#@^& patterns!! So, yeah, Curves. A couple of weeks ago I cut out skirts (in my proper size, 18-ish) and they would barely fit over my hips (after all the work of putting in the zipper!) At least I didn't hem it. That's my most unfavorite part of sewing. Even more than zippers. Nothing like trying on clothes to send you into a spiralling depression.

I've always had a pretty crappy body image, for as long as I could remember. And looking at pictures of myself, even when girls at school were calling me fat (dumb cows) I was a nice size! Healthy, even! I viewed my body the same as I did when it was 60 lbs lighter! But now the added weight (from being sick, medicine changes, lack of desire to get out of bed, and my sympathy eating) is starting to make my body feel, well, icky. You see, I'm not doing this for anything or anyone but me. Joining Curves was interesting. The girl who did my Figure Analysis weighed something like 120 lbs and was wearing a princess type crown (with additional boa! sexy!) and sympathized with me about my chocolate and ice cream weakness, and how clothes sizing is a bummer. I refuse to let people who have never even worried about getting into the size double digits sympathize with me! But I gritted my teeth, paid an outrageous startup fee (for a college student, anyways) and signed up. So, hopefully, I will be able to update y'all with progress of inches lost and stuff like that. *please please please*

I promised finished pic of One Skein Wonder and Clapotis...here they are!!

osw back

Please ignore the hunchback, that's because I used the timer on the camera and it's at a bad angle. Here's the front(yes, I'm doing the Rachael!) and the reason why my head is cropped off in these pictures. Click at your own risk! Yes, that's Mike's shirt, it was the first black shirt I pulled out of the laundry.

clappy clappy joy joy

I love my Clapotis! It's so soft and warm, and I did wear it as a shawl when we went to the gas station last night. So glamorous!


I used the yarn called for in the Berries colorway. The colors in the pictues are accurate-ish.

baby cashmere

I drowned my flareup sorrows in the purchase of these bad girls...ten skeins in Claret.I think I'm going to make something shawl-y. Maybe the Wool Peddler's shawl in Folk Shawls.

It'll be one week

Side lined