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Rollercoaster...of wool! (Say what?)

So, this was supposed to be the biggest and best weekend EVER. I'ver been planning it for months. Literally. I've been sewing since August. Serenity came out on Friday, and we left for the Taos Sheep and Wool Festival on Saturday morning.

We had planned (about 8 of us) for meeting in Albuquerque for dinner before the movie. Restaurant didn't have an open reservation (or walk up time) until 8. 15 minutes after the movie started. Okay. The other car's cell phone didn't get service in Albuquerque (what. the.hell.is.that.about?!?!) so we lost them when we couldn't find the restaurant. Which couldn't seat us anyways. So Jessi and I waited at the theater for the other car, because that's the logical place they'd show up at next, right? Nope. Now, remember, I'm in full Kaylee regalia. I had the jumpsuit, jacket, and umbrella. So, after running around for a good hour trying to find people, it's time for the movie. Still can't find the occupants of the other car. Okay, we''ll see them in the theater.

Well, by now someone is mad at us (it's their fault they bought a lame cell phone!) and won't even let his wife sit with us at the theater. Okay, we'll get pictures after the movie. Hah! Someone practically raced out of the theater, and left town. Okay, no pictures. And by now I'm still trying to stifle the flow of tears over the, um, character deaths in the film, and I don't feel like having my picture taken. So, no pictures of the months!! worth of sewing and frustration. I was so mad and drained by the events of that day, I wasn't sure how the rest of the weekend boded for me. So, if I promised you pictures and you're disappointed, believe me, no one's as disappointed as me. Oh, and no one recognized my costume. At all. *fists clenched*

So, sheep and wool went great. The festival was a bit underwhelming, but only because I don't have the room or the tools for spinning that would have allowed me to buy some of the most gorgeous fleeces I have ever seen. California vareigated mutant...*swoon*. Fleece with the most gorgeous crimp. So soft. Next year. Heh heh heh.

We stayed at the Taos East Condominiums, where the view looked like this.

My friend Cheryl owns a private cabin up there...the most beautiful birds, cool, crisp, super fresh air, TREES, a fireplace, a jetted bathtub...paradise, I tell you! And at the bottom of the mountain, my favoritest yarn store in the whole world...Taos Sunflower.

My haul from the entire weekend...besides all the fantastic food I ate...

Not a lot, really, but considering how expensive the Brooks Farm Mohair was (oh so worth it!), it's not too bad. Click here for a closeup of the prettiest yarnI could find...sea glass colors....this is the softest, prettiest mohair ever. The booth itself gave me the worst case of yarn constipation I've ever had. I just could not choose one color over another. I wanted one of each! It took three different trips to the booth to finally find one I really really liked.

Revelations for the week...peanut butter toast is the bomb, and I want to live in Taos. It has the best of New Mexico, with the best of Montana.

Best husband ever

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