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More things for me to knit

Mum's afraid I'm going to run out of projects if I keep going at the rate I am. Fairisle mittens? Guinea pig sweaters? Rogue?
I could knit this.
I just bought the pattern for this. I like the cables and the collar, but not the fringe on the collar.
You guys deserve a ton of FO pictures, but Clapotis is on display at the school, and it's too hot to wear my OSW. Even for a picture. And who really want to see my collection of lace starts, lonely socks and the pile of sewing that has invaded my house? Poor Galadriel is lonely.
I will definitely have my camera this weekend (batteries charged too, baby!!) for the Taos Sheep and Wool Festival!! Only 4 more days! Woohoo!!

Rollercoaster...of wool! (Say what?)

Well...isn't that special?