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Behold! The power of Purl!


Yesterday was a very special day at Casa de Sith. I had a celebrity commenter! Crazy Aunt Purl stooped to look at my humble blog *and* leave a comment. This had a strange effect on my knitting...she said, " I believe you will best the Ravenclaw," and not half an hour later, I did! Now I need her to tell me that I will finish my thesis and I will graduate. This December. :)

yarn vader

Have you ever wondered what Darth Vader keeps under his helmet? No, because it's his crappy misguided head. So I decided to put something better in it. Three skeins of Midnight Alpaca Cloud. People are starting to think I collect Darth Vader paraphanelia. I wonder why?

(2-13-13 note: I lost all comments when porting over this blog.)

Crossing genres

Thank yer folks