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Crossing genres

We saw Harry Potter on Saturday! Woohoo!! And caught up with some close friends...another part of the Monica/Kat/Penny triad...and we had so much fun! Everyone recognized our costumes, and people were looking at us (in a good way) and smiling at us...it felt good! This is the way you do a dinner, dressing up and movie viewing!

Hogwarts students

First, we had sushi at Japengo, then killing zombies in the arcade at the theater, ice cream from Coldstone, and then the movie. Ooh, and we conspired about someone's wedding. Conspiring is fun! Oh yeah, I got my tie at Wizard Ties. I think I look pretty good in a tie. I might have to wear one more often.

And, so that ya'll don't think I negleted my Star Wars fanaticism, I got this package in the mail today.


Go 501st! Woo!

tater baby

And damn Hasbro, they put something online next to my Spud Trooper that I couldn't resist.

(2-13-13 note:This is a shirt.)

Worry worry

Behold! The power of Purl!