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It'll be one week

So. Today I got my final due date for my senior thesis. Next Monday. *gulp*
Punctuating my excessive library and computer centerness will be:
1) The birth of a friend's child,
2)The arrival of my KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer in Empire Red.
3) Eating out a lot
4) My house smelling a little funny because I have no time to do the dishes


The best anniversary present EVER!! What an historic week for La Casa de Sith!

The most annoying thing tonight: needing a book (Speleology: Caves & the Cave Environment by George Moore), checking the library online catalog, and seeing that it's classified "Check Shelves." Running over to the library with your freezing cold asthma lungs, only to find out that it's "missing." One library student worker I asked to help me does exactly what I did: check the surrounding shelves in case it's been misplaced, check the catalog entry to make sure it is, indeed, not checked out, and in this library and not at UNM or CSEL. Then tell me that it's not there.


The other student worker seriously went out of his way to try and find the book for me, even though he couldn't leave the front desk. He even snuck out and checked the book drop, just in case. What a nice guy. He even helped me fill out a search form so that it can officially be looked for (not like Spaz #1 up there.)

So, you probably won't hear from me until after Dec. 14, but after that, woooo!! Break out the Apricot wheat beer and anything you can make in a mixer!

I got the mad skills

Solar flare