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Shaming myself into finishing projects

*WARNING* Picture heavy post ahead!

My goals for the past year.

· Finish Mike’s sweater. (In time for Feb. Fiber Arts Guild meeting!)
· Make matching cabled gauntlet. Cables in the round on small needles hurt my hand.
· Finish Mary’s hat and scarf, and never knit for commission again.
· Put together Aleja’s Booga Bag Done! (no picture)
· Small yellow felted clutch. Done, turned out awful, blah.
· Finish the purple/grey/black felted bag monster Done!
· Knit a Clapotis Done!
· Make Mom some Possum socks in Cherry Tree Hill Possum Sock yarn. Indian Summer colorway.
Not done, but started in Opal sock yarn. My first sock on a circular needle. Love it.


· Mariah for self (turned into part of a Rogue)


· Find something to do with piles of grey alpaca (koolaid dyed v-neck?) (Probably will rip this out and dye it, make this.) I want more of this yarn, but I am so broke, and school doesn't start until Jan 3...I have yarn lust so bad.
· Lots of wrist warmers. Eh. My wrists are sick of kniting 2x2 rib.
· A furry novelty scarf. Done!
· Make Mike a penguin for his desk at work Done! But he sleeps in the bed with us.
· Learn how to spin on a spinning wheel. Knit something out of handspun yarn. Done, a hundred times over!

yarn and singles

· Sophie bag Done! (no picture)
· Cotton bathroom rug. blah.
· Dishcloths a’plenty Done, who cares.
· Something out of Koigu Almost finished! Socks! What is that? An inch left? It's been like that for weeks. Months even. I am such a dork.


Other stuff I need to finish:

Mike sox

Mike's socks. Big feet, size 11 on size 2 needles. Ergh. Almost at the heel.


Shadir hat band. My foray into Rowan Calmer. Stretchy.


Birch, my current baby. Knitting with hairy string is fun! I got a great deal on Ebay for this stuff, otherwise it's out of my price range.


Trying not to cast on for the Spirit of the Southwest Shawl.

For about three days (24, 25, 26) I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. Sleeping too late, apathetic, didn't want to do anything, grumpy like a 2 year old...yup, I'd forgotten to take my sanity meds because my schedule has been off. And I hadn't knitted a stitch in three days. Sure, I'd been goofing around with Fimo Soft (I LOVE polymer clay!) but nothing is as soothing as fiber. I was wondering why I've been having such cracked out dreams lately. Withdrawal! Lovely.

Cute stuff

Anniversary dinner