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Cute stuff

I got a gift from a family this year that makes their own gift bags. They use wool and applique the cutest stuff on them. I got a sheepy. They're fabric and reusable with ribbon ties. Very cute.


And...I finished something I've been working on since June. The girls in my Tuesday group wanted to learn to knit and make this certain shawl. About five or six of us (even the already knitting ones) decided to all knit the same shawl. Different colors, of course. It's made of Lionbrand Homespun, in colors quartz and baroque. Baroque is the purple, quartz is the stripey stuff.


It's warm, it's huge, and it's washable, and it's so pretty, I want to keep it for myself. It kinda sucks (not really) to have such good friends that you want to give them everything that you knit, even if you knit it for yourself.

shawl 2

So bye bye tomorrow, wonderful, warm shawl.

Why have I not been posting super regularly? I'm trying to get stuff done, and when I'm not slightly busy, I'm reading my silly Star Wars books or watching Battlestar Galactica. Hooked. So completely hooked. Eye candy for the guys and the ladies. Hello, Capt. Apollo! I really like this show...and no, not because Ron Moore (Star Trek writer, for TNG and DS9) writes for it, or because the people who do the effects are the same ones that did Firefly, or that you even see Serenity in one shot, no, but that the people look real. Yes, there's Number Six and Lee Adama, they're hotter than hot, but also wrinkly people, and people with scars, and girls with non-flattering haircuts in non-flattering clothes...oh, and excellent battle sequences. Yeah, the no sound in space rule is violated, and the particle physics of space are thrown out the window, but damn, I love it.

Angel food cake

Shaming myself into finishing projects