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Clappy clappy joy joy

It snowed today. I love how Soccoro Peak looks when it's all snowy. 

I bought the yarn for Mariah!! It's Bartlett Fisherman's Wool in dark heather. I bought it on Ebay frompollybud, for $4.50 a skein, 210 yds/skein. You can bet your bippy I'll be ordering from her again. Closeup of color here.

Since it's been FOR-EVER since I've posted, I'll finally show you all my in progress stuff. 

Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon. This is my Clappy. Here's a closeup of the drops. I lef the flash on for the first picture because it shows the beautiful shine in the yarn. No flash shows the drops better. 

Remember that tie dye kit and the cotton yarn? Here's the front of a crocheted round cushion I'm making with the, um, "handpainted" stuff I did first. 
Until I'm finished, it makes a good bowl for the yarn I dyed for the front of it. I'm at 12" in diameter, and the pattern recommends knitting to 40" in diameter. Um, well, no. Thanks anyway. 

I finally finished this in enameling today. I was in class for a total of about 5 hours. This thing took a LONG time. It's relief, basse taille with transparent enamel. 

Honestly, it took a Cadbury creme egg and a pepsi to get this done. And now, I'm going to make dinner. Banana bread. Apparently yesterday was Banana Bread Day. My moogie told me all about it, and since Mike is on a business trip, I can eat whatever I want for dinner. Like banana bread and a big glass of milk. Yeah baby.

48 Hours of the Force: or, The best weekend an insomniac could ask for.

We got the phunk