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48 Hours of the Force: or, The best weekend an insomniac could ask for.

A little over a week ago, my brother and dad called and asked me if I knew anything about this "48 hours of the Force" thing. I didn't, until I got an email from my friend Bob at Mos Alba. To make a long story short, we found out that the Socorro Walmart was not doing the midnight toy release. We knew that Mike's boss was going (he and Bob are old college buddies) and about 20 minutes before he left to hit Albuquerque, we were knocking on his front door, asking if he had two extra seats to the toy launch. We listened to the ESB soundtrack all the way up and back. Very cool. About two hours after that, I was in the cereal aisle of Jason's Walmart, (with Jennifer and Julie) looking for Star Wars related items. What did we find? 

Well, we may be eating cereal for a very long time, but we'll be eating it with our lightsaber spoons!! They really light up!! Mike and I ate our cereal in the dark last night. I hate ceral with marshmallows, but the box of cereal with Yoda on it was too awesome to pass up.

Our action figures include: Mon Mothma, Pregnant Padme, Luminara Unduli, Darth Tater, General Greivous, etc. And the head ARC trooper from the Clone Wars DVD. Our other scores are: The Early Bird special pack (I would never buy an empty box unless it was from Star Wars), coloring books, and die cast vehicles (Mike's fav is the Star Destroyer.) I found a clone trooper key ring, and a couple of pretty cool pins. 

This was then tent outside of Walmart all weekend. 

So, we got back from the toy opening at about 2 am. Mike went to sleep at 3:30, and I made muffins for my Fiber Arts meeting 5.5 hours later. I took a nap at 5 am, woke up at 8:30, and off to Mary's awesome presentation on Dyeing. I was joined by two ladies who are very instrumental to my mental goodness, Jessi and Dr. Penny. I think they had fun. 

At about 12, Mike and I headed to the Socorro Walmart to see the tent. That's where we bought the empty box, coloring books and my picture with Darth Vader

I knew I brought my camera for a reason. That's going right next to my picture taken with Jar Jar in 1999 in my other Star Wars shirt. 
After that, we went home, had pierogis fo lunch, and fell asleep on the couch watching Episode 2. Each time one of us woke up we restarted the movie. I think we watched it three times all together. Then, we put together all the action figures we have to hang out. This is our extended family. 

Darth Tater likes to chase around KC Marie. 

What we didn't show is the precision with which a lightsaber makes Sith french fries. 

I dyed more sock yarn...

Left to right: spring, tequila, anxiety, insomnia.

Honey, what's for dinner?

Clappy clappy joy joy