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Feelin' better

It's been nearly a whole year since field camp...it's taken me this long to start feeling consistently better and more like...me!!

This is my super secret lace project. I've been knitting and ripping this yarn since March. Muchas gracias to Wendy, who suggested putting stitch markers every lace repeat. And to Lucy for being a good blog role model for Jino. 

I got some cheapy plasticware for initiating Mike into the world of camping. Fun! And yellow! 
Notice in the back: Plymouth Encore for knitting my Ravenclaw scarf. And I said I'd never knit another. Hah! I knit much faster now. And I have a movie deadline. 

Note: That is not a yellow boomerang. It's a cutting board!!

Lots of stuff going on....

My moogie