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Lots of stuff going on....

It's been a big week for Socorro. 
On Saturday, King's furniture and the businesses in the same building burned down. We went outside at 11, smelled barbeque, and noticed a large plume of smoke to the northwest of our house. We went for a walk (we're such rubberneckers) and soon saw the inferno in all its orange and flickery glory. We stood about a block away and it was still hot. 

Dad came to visit. It was so awesome! We saw War of the Worlds and ate really good food. I didn't go in the kitchen except for a glass of water for 3 days, and we didn't use the car for that time span either. KC Marie got some good grandpa neck snuggles.

What have I been doing lately? Good question. On Monday I made a doll quilt
Then I've been knitting doll socks. Since Kirsten couldn't be wearing her eclectic socks with that blue dress, she needed some pants. And some panties, cuz who's going to wear bloomers with pants? Then she needed a shirt to go with the pants and the socks. 

Sock closeup:

Oy! This is so much fun! I wish making clothes for myself was this easy! Now, I have a ton more cut out, or planned, so I need to get sewing!

Added later: Andy tells me that my HS senior English teacher reads this occasionally. Mrs. More, if you're reading this, drop me a line! I've been trying to email you but I always get them bounced back!! Click "contact me" in the left hand sidebar.


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