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My sewing machine is going to kill me

Warning: picture heavy post!!

yellow pajamas

Kirsten's pajamas

green and blue socks

socks and undies

dressed in the dark

batik pants

batik jumper

cutest braid ever

shawl front

shawl back

See, my sewing machine is hot, too. Once I get an idea in my head about stuff to make, I do it until I 

a) run out of supplies,
b) run out of ideas,
c) my sewing machine dies, and with its dying breath it wheezes "Back off, b*tch!" (sensored for you, mom.) 

Since I'm out of fabric (except for flannel and 2.5" strips) and cash, I think this'll be the last doll clothes post for a while. Until I get this book, more fabric or something to that effect. Oooh! Cabled doll cardigan! I've got another pair of socks in the works, too...yellow, pink and orange to go with the little yellow pajamas. My sister's doll is going to be so happy!

Not monsoon, mon-now!

He's a cold hearted Snape