These pages are full of what makes Penny Penny. Lots of crafts, rants, and fan girling.

He's a cold hearted Snape

look into his eyes,
uh oh, he's been tellin' lies

Sorry Paula, I didn't mean to massacre your song, but it fit so well. 

Friday night came, and Mike decided that yes, we needed to go to a 24 hour Walmart to get Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I decided Belen would be our best bet, since Los Lunas is more heavily populated. On the way, Mike told me he was thinking of purchasing some kind of booklight. I thought, you know, a booklight would make reading the book out loud on the ride home much easier. We found one, but it hung around the neck, and wouldn't do much good in a prone position. A fantastic light went on in my head: a headlamp! I could use it while caving, or if we ever needed to change a tire,camping, etc., etc. So, we got to Walmart, and we still had about half an hour until midnight. So we picked out a $10 headlamp, and then stood in line with the other twelve (12!!) people there. All of them more or less older than we are. 

So, I read it to Mike on the drive home (45 minutes or so) using the red light setting on the headlamp. After we got home, I kept reading it until 4 am or so. Mike woke up earlier than I did, so he read it unti l woke up, when he took a nap and I finished reading it. I finished on Saturday, and Mike finished today, and we loaned it to one of our friends tonight. 

Jino thinks it's hot, too. When she's not hiding in the darkest place in the house she can find (under the end table, where she can barely get out), she's either sitting directing in fron of the air conditioner or laying in the hallway like this. 

Aleja (my sister) said that Kirsten looked a little hot in her outfit last time. So I made her a jumper and short sleeved shirt. Really, it's for Aleja's doll, Clara, but Kirsten can't lay around the house like Jino can. So she's temporarily borrowing it until I can send off a package. (Sorry Clara, I couldn't find any sunflower prints, but I found a cherry blossom print I hope you like. Some hair ribbons and other surprises, too. :) )

My sewing machine is going to kill me