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Babysitter's club

This weekend has been quite busy and, well, interesting. Egypt and Jessi went to Defcon and Chicago (respectively) and I volunteered to take Tanqueray (their newly tolerated cat) to the vet to get her sutures taken out. Well, the cat is a meticulus cleaner, and her staples (yes, she ripped out her stitches the first time) and the wound got infected. So I got to give the cat her oral " Amoxi-drop." Tanq is a small cat with not much of a neck scruff...and two dropper fulls a day...I can honestly say, I don't blame that cat if she hates me for the rest of her life. I wouldn't much want to start my day with some stranger cornering me, twisting my arm behind my back, forcing my mouth open and forcing cold, pink, bubble gum flavored crap down my throat. Fortunately, she didn't claw me once (amazing!!) and I got yarn for my troubles.

misti alpaca lace

Kat and I went bridesmaid dress shopping for Monica's wedding in April.
We tried on three dresses each.
Kat in black and white.
Me in pink, sans beads.
Kat in red with beads. Isn't she beeyotiful?
Kat in black. Look at that sexy driver's tan!
Me in tea rose, with beads.
Our final answer? Black for Kat, pink with beads for me. The ones we ordered are both black, and will not arrive for 2 months. Two months! With alterations, it's a good thing we purchased early. Kat's favorites were the black one and the beaded one, so I begged her to let me have the beaded one. She's so nice, she agreed.


Complete babes, non? Please excuse the dorky look on my face, I was concentrating on sucking in my stomach and standing at a flattering angle. After shopping, we went to Garduno's for margaritas, Harry Potter talk, dinner and fried ice cream. With the boys, of course. After, we went to her house, where I got something SUPER COOL to babysit.

knitting machine

Holy cow!! It's a knitting machine! The girl that gave me her knitting class just before moving to Vermont off loaded this on Kat. Kat has no current use for it, so I volunteered (oh so grudgingly, you know) to figure it out. And so I did. And now, there is no room left in our house.

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