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100 things about me

It's been a whole year, and I know you've been waiting for it, so here it is!!

1. I like peace and quiet.
2. I don’t like to clean.
3. I love my cat.
4. I often don’t think before I speak.
5. I like being on time.
6. I am a good cook.
7. I love craft stores.
8. I am not good with groups of people.
9. I can be a good friend, especially if you’re a good friend in return.
10. I am afraid of uncertainty, but love some spontaneity.
11. I have depression. It's genetic.
12. I am stubborn.
13. I am a good wife, daughter and sister.
14. I pick my nose and flick it on the floor. This is an improvement from wiping it on the wall.
15. My brain is constantly thinking about something.
16. My favorite things to do are read and knit.
17. I forget to take care of myself.
18. I have nervous habits.
19. I love talking to my mom.
20. I appreciate my family.
21. I like hot pink things—nail polish, yarn, post-it notes, my Nalgene bottle, pens, etc.
22. My favorite color is purple.
23. I like trying new foods and new things.
24. I’m not very good at most video games, but I still like to play them.
25. I prefer sandals to tennis shoes.
26. I like putting on makeup.
27. My preferred cosmetics brand is Mary Kay.
28. I like tea and coffee equally.
29. I do not like lunch meat.
30. It took me seven tries to start my first lace shawl. Less than halfway through I already purchased enough yarn for three shawls and two books on lace knitting.
31. Being skinny is just wrong. I do not want to see your skeleton.
32. I always have at least one unfinished project lying around.
33. I love to organize things.
34. My favorite soda is A&W Cream Soda.
35. I prefer to wear jeans, a t-shirt, and a hooded sweatshirt.
36. I am an overachiever/perfectionist.
37. I love sunlight and the smell of rain.
38. My stuffed animals talk.
39. I still sleep with my teddy bear. (No, my husband doesn’t mind.)
40. I have made 2 full sized quilts and one baby quilt.
41. I go to sleep cold and wake up hot.
42. I like art-deco modernist Ikea type stuff.
43. I think vintage art posters are cool.
44. I can’t pick a favorite book. They’re all so good!
45. I watch the original Star Wars movies at least once a week.
46. I prefer simplicity to complexity.
47. Ambiguity and indecision annoy me.
48. I think my sister’s backrubs are the best.
49. I love my brother and sister.
50. The first CD I bought since 1999 was the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack this year (2005).
51. I love giving people presents.
52. I like reading nonfiction and historical fiction.
53. I usually have a movie on.
54. I don’t mind acrylic yarn or aluminum knitting needles.
55. I grew up as a Nintendo girl.
56. My favorite Game Boy Advance game is Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.
57. My husband and I bought a Playstation 2 to play Final Fantasy 10, and a Game Cube to play Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. The Xbox is for Halo and Halo 2. The couple that kills monsters together stays together.
58. I love camping.
59. I prefer road trips to flying or bussing.
60. I get very excited when I see rhubarb at the grocery store.
61. I am a fan of terraforming.
62. I married my first boyfriend.
63. I make lots of muffins.
64. I prefer nectarines to peaches.
65. I like taking history classes.
66. My rock collection is pretty small for a geologist.
67. I like plain yogurt and buttermilk.
68. I did not read the Lord of the Rings books until I was 20, and then, I missed important parts. (Wait…what happened to Frodo’s hand? How was the ring destroyed?)
69. Taking care of people is very important to me.
70. I collect Star Wars action figures. And anything Yoda.
71. I like symphonies and theatrical things with elaborate costumes.
72. I own three fountain pens and use them nearly exclusively.
73. Harry Potter is the bomb.
74. I want to get my nose pierced.
75. Technology is awesome, but so are un-technological things. I love my computer, MP3 player and Palm, but I also love hand spinning my own yarn and writing letters.
76. I find microorganisms fascinating.
77. Alpaca is my favorite fiber so far.
78. I jump in headfirst. Except when swimming.
79. I’ve never used a diving board.
80. I play Halo and Perfect Dark with my husband.
81. I like video games, but often lose interest quickly.
82. I can wake up automatically after 8 hours of sleep.
83. I love iTunes and the Apple Airport Express.
84. I like some teeny-bopper music.
85. I let Seti-at-Home use my computer when I’m not using it.
86. I like living in my crappy little town.
87. Socks are important to good mental health.
88. I am slightly addicted to knitting blogs.
89. I am a movie franchise devotee. If I like one, I usually like them all. Jar Jar Binks, Dobby and all.
90. I think mittens are better than gloves, but fingerless gloves are handy when your house is colder than an igloo.
91. The first concert I ever went to was Garbage and No Doubt.
92. I love squash. All shapes and flavors.
93. I sing along with opera music.
94. I am a decent seamstress.
95. I cut my days up like this: looking forward to lunch with Mike, looking forward to going home after work with Mike, and then snuggling in bed with Mike.
96. I am an expert procrastinator. Especially if there’s yarn or a computer around.
97. I like math. Calculus III was my favorite.
98. My favorite flower is the cala lily.
99. My only celebrity encounter was the Riders in the Sky. Too Slim is too cool. He recognized me from the front row.
100. I can learn anything I want from a book. I learned how to knit, spin, do calligraphy, and crochet, all from books.

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