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Looking up

After two weeks of nausea and headaches and other highly entertaining stuff, I am feeling better! Sorry about no updates. I was going to send in the bear to pinch blog, but her paws hit too many keys at once. We're trying to find an easier way for her to type.
School starts tomorrow, and so far I have eight students signed up for knitting. I'm so excited!! At the beginning of every semester, I get to spend a ton of money on knitting supplies for my class. It's a good way for me to try things. This semester, it's Gaywool dyes!

Last night, I finished Egypt's Jayne hat. It looks better on Jessi, though.

It's firstly for Silly Hat day at Bubonicon (Friday!! I'm so exicted!!) then for the opening of Serenity. Jayne wore this hat in the episode "The Message," the third to last episode in the Firefly series.

Okay, gotta jet, I need to go to the library and then order more knitting stuff!!

Trying new things

Fuzzy wuzzy