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Trying new things

One of the things I like about Albuquerque is that it's full of things I've never tried. And some things that Mike's never tried, either. Since Egypt and Jessi like sushi type food, we decided to go to Azuma as a group during Bubonicon.


Two shrimp, two crab, four salmon. Yum!!

mid bite

Mike, mid bite of his first salmon sushi. At this point he hadn't decided if he liked it or not, but later that bite, he did like it. Hooray!

green tea ice cream

I ordered green tea ice cream for dessert.

There would be Bubonicon pictures here, but the camera batteries died and I was having so much fun I forgot to recharge them. We heard a presentation by Dr. S. Howe from Los Alamos Nat'l lab about antimatter. Yes, it is real, and it's super awesome.

Oh. And I went to Joann's fabrics and got 10 patterns for $12. I love sales.

She's so high

Looking up