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Frenetic blogging

I was lighting some candles to make the house smell good (our landlady is out of town and there is something rotting in our drains that I can't get out) and I saw Mr. Sheepy. I realized I hadn't blogged about him yet.

mr. sheepy

Jessi got him for me in Farmington. I have now officially started my sheep collecting. Once I saw Mr. Sheepy, I saw all manner of things I needed to blog about. (Three posts in three days, how about that?!)


The fuel for my new obsession has arrived. *drool* Now I'm just waiting for my yarn.


And, not to be left of the latest bandwagon (I'm still falling off the last one, forgive me, Clapotis) my One Skein Wonder. This is MY OWN hand dyed hand spun 2 ply (so soft! so pretty! color's not right in this picture). It's all Rachael's fault. Her's is so cute. That little pink ball right there? That's all I have left. I have some roving left, so I'll be spinning that up for the trim when I get my spinning wheel back (Saturday!) after I present my knitting workshop for the Socorro Fiber Arts Guild. Ooh! The excitement!

My spinning wheel's back and you're gonna be in trouble

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