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Doll crazy

Why haven't I been blogging recently?
All my energy is going into sewing and searching the internet for awesome doll stuff. Sewing costumes, doll clothes, clothes for me.
My latest coolness...

pink jellies
Cargo pants and pink jellies. I made the pants out of old cargo pants I had in high school. Pink jellies from Ebay.
7:45 this morning, I got a phone call. I freaked Mike out a bit, because he heard "Really? Where? Let me drop Mike off then stop at the ATM." What I heard was "I'm at a yard sale, and this lady has American Girl doll clothes." The lady owned a doll store at some point, and there were heads and eyes and wigs and socks and shoes and all kinds of cute stuff.

socks and shoes

I bought socks, saddle shoes, and cankle boots. Slick plasticky black cankle boots. I'm going to share the white socks with mum and Aleja, after all, how many pairs of white socks does one doll need? Saddle shoes are for mum too.


And a doll bed. I was thinking of sending this to mom for her new doll (oh yeah, Aleja and I got her hooked too), but Kirsten looked so happy on it after living for 8+ years in her box. I think it's time she finally had a bed. Mum can get Josephina a futon.
As soon as I saw it I started thinking ticked mattress, pillows, sheets....gotta go to the store! I was a little late for class after the yard sale.

I think I may go broke buying cut stuff for Kirsten. Someone take my Paypal away!
Green Birkies
Wooden clogs
Samurai Jack sandals
Hiking boots

In the name of science

I love weekends