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In the name of science

When I was substituting, I noticed that the My Little Ponies a girl brought in were doing some death-defying filing cabinet stunts. I looked at the feet of one, thinking her dad glued magnets on its feet. Nothing. But one of its feet did look did look different from the old school My Little Ponies. (I'd demonstrate the difference, only I'm 98% sure that my ponies were lost in a move at some point. Blossom was my favorite.)

Exhibit A: Weird Pony Feet


So I took My Pony of Science (she really should have a beaker or something painted on her butt to make her look more scientific) to the kitchen and applied her to the fridge.

Exhibit B: Spiderpony!


Ta-da! Pony of Science stuck! And yes, I spent $5 to see if MLP's were magnetic. Now I can sleep at night.


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