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If it smells like funk it must be funk

Does anyone else detest the smell of catfood? I can handle most smells, but cat food just grosses me out. This week, we ran out of dry cat food, and we were giving the princess (I swear she owns us, really) wet cat food. One of my friends gave us a bunch when their cat died. I figured we could finish that off (even though it's even grosser than the dry, esp. when you open the can the wrong way and get wet gook on your shirt.) Well, we bought her usual dry food last night, and she'd go and look at it, look at us, meow a lot, go take a nap, repeat. And this morning, she sees me getting up to go to the kitchen, follows me, stands by her full food dish, and cries for the good stuff. I think it was phancy pheast. I'd put it in her dish (holding my breath the whole time), and she would eat it like she was starving. I was afraid she was going to throw up. She just wolfed it down. Then, she'd go take a nap for an hour. It's like kitty Thanksgiving. Only stinky.



I finished a baby skully mitten. I think this pair needs to go on my rearview mirror. Off to go make pajama pants for Mike. And some doll clothes. I need a quick fabric fix.

Something not even hand knit socks can fix

Creativity is my curse