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Creativity is my curse

I'd been dogging my mom for a copy of the pattern she used to make our mittens when we were kids. I got it in the mail yesterday (the whole book, photocopied!), along with some really cute doll clothes for Kirsten. She's a clothes horse, that girl. Anyways, one of my friends is moving to Washington DC. Her babies need mittens. It's cold over there. They have two black dogs, so I could not resist making these mittens.


Since I'm a geologist and I do that type of thing, that's a quarter for scale. So you know exactly how cute and small they are. I used some of my Knitpicks Palette Sampler, Black and Pool. Size 1 Addi's in the magic loop method. Big sister is getting purple and black ones.


Ernie, one of my kids, saw the mittens and decided he needs a pair too. See? They fit me, Mom!
This morning while I was a crazy charting chica I charted out these little Skully Mitts, too.


I blame it all on Adrian. She made the hat, put the pattern and graphs up, and I knew I had to make mittens out of that chart. Well, yesterday she put the pattern up on her website. And by that time I had the baby mitts pattern in my hands, so I just went nuts. Oh, and it's Adrian's fault I have the yarn for it too (Knitpicks Palette Sampler) because I saw how pretty it was on her blog and had to have it.

If it smells like funk it must be funk

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