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Evolution of a doggy birthday cake

So, everyone knows that animals are kids too, right? Also known as furbabies? And some people treat their pets better than their children...I had the honor of going to a doggy birthday party on Halloween. It was Natty's birthday. This was Natty as a pup. (So! Cute!)


And here's Natty's sister, Aspen.


Natty and Aspen were both adopted from the Watermelon Ranch in Albuquerque at different times. Not genetic sisters, but really close. So anyways, I, uh, invited myself to Natty's party. I called before heading over, and mom said that she was just about to serve the cake. I was a bit confused. I knew their mom didn't eat cake, and I was pretty sure she wouldn't feed sugar and flour to the girls, so I kinda shrugged and headed to the store. I knew that these beautiful girls got presents for their birthdays (mom gave us a sneak peek the night before), so I figured I couldn't come empty handed. Now, I'd never purchased dog treats before, so I had no idea what do get. It had to be something yummy. After looking for about five minutes, I found Beggin' Strips Chews for Large Dogs. (It's a birthday, right? Might as well have BIG treats!) These are essentially GIANT STRIPS OF BACON. Now, Natty and Aspen's mom is a vegetarian, so I knew she doesn't feel as strongly about bacon as I do. I saw them and laughed, and knew right away that's what I had to get. So I grabbed two, went to the gift wrapping section, picked up a pink bow and a white bow (no, I'm not crazy, they're presents! remember?) and zoomed over to the party. After we had cake and presents, I got treated to the slideshow of birthdays past. Which included the evolution of the doggy birthday cake. Now, before you get too excited and decide your dog(s) need one too, you should make a note. Don't use paper plates. The cake gets all messy, falls over the sides, and the plate slides around the kitchen floor. Messy.

Natty's 1st

Here's Natty's first cake. Note the paper plate. The use of healthy puppy food. The beautiful full sized Beggin' Strips, and the peanut butter heart treat on top. A work of art.

Aspen's 1st

Here's Aspen's first cake. This one is a can of wet dog food with those mini Beggin' Strips poked all over in the top.

Aspen's 2nd

This one is the least appetizing for me. It's Aspen's second cake, and it is conspicuously missing Beggin' Strips. This year for Natty's, they got SUPER wet dog food, on warm rice! Now that's living it up! I took a video of them snarfing it down, but we forgot the pictures of the cake first.

After the cake is presents!! Yay! Each girl gets to open her own bag. Mom puts down a bag by each girl, and they start digging in. Since this post already has so many pictures, I'm going to give you some links now.

Aspen in her bag this year. Is that a vanilla rubbery bone to make my breath yummy?
Natty and her bag (first Christmas?)
Natty and Aspen behind the couch.(aren't they just enough to give you cavities?)

Sometimes I wish I wasn't allergic to dogs. I want to take them home with me!

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