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Mummy meme

1. How and when did you learn how to knit/crochet? Who taught you?
I learned how to knit when I was a kid, I don't remember what age, maybe around 7 or so. My mom taught me.

2. How has this craft impacted your life? (besides financially!)
I had stopped knitting in high school after the "school spirit sweater fiasco." (It was knit on 19's with a double strand of Red Heart, yellow and gold! Eeeew! Mom, do you still have this monstrosity? Please tell me we threw it away. )
When my grandmother passed a little over 3 years ago, I picked it up again. I wasn't able to go to her funeral, and I didn't start crying until I found a mitten that she had made me. And I felt so bad for mistreating all the beautiful stuff she made me. I know, I was a kid, but oh! The guilt! No more purple mittens from Grannie Moore! So I picked it up again to remember her, and to have more of a connection with my mother, who lives 1,200 miles away. And I started the blog to show her what I've been knitting.

3. Pick at least one person to talk about who you have met through the knit-world and why you are thankful to have met them. Feel free to get all mushy.
I haven't really met anyone in the knit world....we're pretty isolated here in Suck-orro. I have had a lot of fun mailing stuff to other people. I think Carrieoke is my favorite. She and her twin sister are so cute, and I love the way she writes. She just feels like this big ol' ray of sunshine. Her blog is the first knitting blog I ever came across. So, with the impending move to Albuquerque (we must! we must! we must improve our--you get the idea.) Maybe I'll get to hang out with cool Albuquerque knit bloggers!

Speaking of which, I had an interview on Wednesday, and I think it went really well. I was told that there would be a follow up phone call with a couple of questions they forgot, and that we would be notified during the first two weeks of December. I want this job so much.

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