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Fraggle rox and Fraggle sox

I finished a pair of socks this weekend. They're made from Regia in color 5048, also known as clown. I purposefully started the second sock on a different color so my stripes wouldn't line up, but you know what? They lined up. In spite of me. Grrr. Notice the messed up grafting...I've been practicing, and I'm doing it the way I've seen in books and magazine articles. and yet I get this annoying little bumps...I think I'm going to go with either the spiral toe or a three needle bind off until I can figure out how I'm messing it up.

clown socks

clown socks 2

I sold nine pairs of knitting needles this weekend! It was Festival of the Cranes time, and our guild purchased
a booth space for the weekend. I also sold 3 pairs of earrings and a ring. Pretty sweet.

And someone followed me home from Target on Saturday...It's Red! I hope I didn't embarrass Jennifer too much by cuddling Red in the store. I've had Red in my Amazon.com wishlist since April 19, 2005. (Pretty sneaky way to advertise my wishlist, huh?)


She's so snuggly. Poor Mike, I've been talking to him in third person...."Red says you should find a save point so we can go to bed." And "Red thinks you should heal." (He's been playing Final Fantasy 12.) Her shirt is adorable, and I want to knit her a Harry Potter sweater, and socks, and I want to dye my hair red and buy pink bows. Yes, I'm wearing my red long sleeved shirt.

Now, I need to see if I can find a Doozer. Anyone know of other things Fraggles eat besides Doozer constructions? Oooh! I just remembered! Radishes! Maybe I'll add some red licorice to compensate for the Doozer stuff.

Added later: Do you think I should buy her some eye drops? She doesn't blink much, and her pigtails keep getting in her eyes. That's gotta itch.

Fraggle food

Mummy meme